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NFL forms concussion and brain injury committee

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In response to a study on NFL player link to Alzheimer's just released, the National Football League announced last week that it is forming a concussion and brain injury committee. With the higher number of dementia noted in a correlational study that was commissioned by the NFL Player Care Foundation, evaluation of several aspects of the game and injury are essential.

Football is a national favorite when it comes to sports. Football can also be a dangerous sport, resulting in multiple concussions and some brain injuries. The concussion and brain injury committee has been assembled to evaluate just how safe the game is and to make recommendations, not just for the NFL but for college and high school football, too.

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The committee will be evaluating how concussions are diagnosed, how they are treated, and also how to prevent concussions from occurring in the first place. Traumatic brain injury is another area that will be explored by the concussion and brain injury committee. In addition to all this, the long-term effects of cumulative injuries will be explored and evaluated.

With the higher rate of dementia and dementia-type diagnoses in retired football players, perhaps the information that is found will help to make the game safer. The study is not a causal relationship, in fact, the study is not peer reviewed and many limitations exist. Still, the results are indicative of the need for further study, but also the need to take action in order to provide safety for the players.

Apparently, the NFL Player Care Foundation intends to do more research as several NFL players have donated their brains to research for the very purpose of helping their fellow players as well as to find out what the results are of repeated concussions over a long period of time. The research may be able to assist with other types of sports as well, such as boxing. The formation of a concussion and brain injury committee is the first step in a line of many to find answers to these questions.

Reference: Medscape