Cocaine Use Strains Billy Mays' Heart

Jenny Decker RN's picture
Billy Mays

The associate medical examiner of Hillsborough, Florida has recently reported that Billy Mays had cocaine in his system when he died. Cocaine can stay in the system for several days. The official cause of death remains heart attack, however the cocaine use may have pushed the limit in a man that already suffered from chronic, untreated high blood pressure.

It was also noted that Billy Mays had other drugs in his system including oxycodone, hydrocodone, and tramadol. These were prescribed for a condition with his hip and were not noted to be in levels that are considered toxic. There is no indication that Billy Mays was abusing the prescription drugs. Adding cocaine to the mix certainly added problems to the heart disease. Billy Mays was 50 at the time of his death, June 28th.


Cocaine is an addictive and dangerous. It has serious adverse effects on the body. One of the main reasons that people try it is because it is a mood elevator. That is where cocaine stops. It also causes irritability, anxiety, and depression. Nasal congestion from sniffing occurs frequently as well as ulcers and perforation of the septum in the nose. Most important to Billy Mays is the fact that cocaine has serious effects on the heart such as seizures, high blood pressure, and heart attack.

Cocaine kills, it is that simple. Though it has been stressed that Billy Mays did not die from a cocaine overdose, it is a prime example of the serious consequences of cocaine use. Mood elevation from a drug is the trap to ensnare the user to use more. After a while, the user builds a resistance to the drug, making them seek more. The person becomes irritable and anxious until they can get another fix.

An energetic infomercial pitchman, Billy Mays was always laughing and smiling with a voice anyone could pick out. He hawked OxiClean, Orange Glo, and Mighty Puffy. It is sad that America has lost this man. May we all remember the great things he did for America and always remember that his name reminds us about the unfortunate consequences cocaine can have on heart disease and health.


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