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Benefits of Chocolate on Heart Attack Victims

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Isles and isles of chocolate at the grocery store or candy store and who knew it was healthy? Is this a dream? In a Swedish study, it was found that there are benefits of chocolate on heart attack victims. Those who ate chocolate 3 or more times during the week benefitted more. The heart attack victims that did not eat chocolate were more likely to have a repeat heart attack than those who did eat it. Chocolate eaters were 3 times less likely to have a recurrent heart attack.

The benefits of chocolate on heart attack victims was also shown in an Italian study. Chocolate was shown to reduce inflammation. Reducing inflammation is a key preventive strategy for recurring heart attacks. When doctors look at a blood sample, they look for what is called a C-Reactive protein, and this indicates that there is inflammation around the heart. The Italian study that was published in the Journal of Nutrition, found that chocolate eaters have a low amount of C-Reactive protein in their bloodstreams.

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Chocolate also includes flavenoids, and not just some, but a lot of flavenoids. These act as antioxidants and reduce free radicals. The darker the chocolate, the greater the health benefit. The darker the chocolate, the higher concentration of these heart healthy elements called flavenoids. The benefits of chocolate on heart attack victims are a dream come true!

Therefore, if chocolate benefits heart attack victims and reduces their chances of another heart attack, can it protect me? Any time there is a high C-Reactive protein, there is a concern that a heart attack or stroke can occur. If chocolate eaters have a low one, than it is a good start towards protection.

Dark chocolate is the best form of flavenoids as it has a deeper concentration and better benefit, but regular chocolate is good, too. Chocolate lovers all over the world can now celebrate their new found reason to love chocolate! The benefits of chocolate on heart attack victims is good news to all.