What health insurance coverage cost Americans

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Health insurance coverage costs many Americans nearly their whole paycheck, leaving little if any money to pay for bills or to feed a family. In fact, health insurance has risen so high that each day more living in the United States cannot afford it. Therefore, they go without needed health care due to the inability to pay for it. What health insurance coverage costs Americans now has an impact on how current legislation and health care reform are developing, either for the positive or for the negative.

Associated Press writes that Obama has indeed vowed to lower health care costs so that everyone in America could have adequate health care. So what does health insurance premiums cost under the current law? Well, employer provided insurance is around $4824 per year for one person and around $13,375 for a family. The cost for the employee is $779 for one person. For a family, the employee’s part is $3515 per year, according to a study completed by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research & Education Trust. These figures are for the year 2009.


By the year 2016, it has been estimated by the Congressional Budget Office that the average health insurance premiums that are employer-based to rise to $7500 for the single person and to $19000 for a family. These are the figures if health insurance premiums continued under current law.

No doubt these numbers will continue to rise as time goes on if nothing is done to stop it. More and more people will become unable to pay for health insurance costs and only the rich will be privy to health care services. This is an ethical dilemma that must be dealt with at the present time. It cannot wait.

The health insurance industry is nervous. They are afraid that if even the most moderate Democrat health care legislation passes that they will lose money. America’s Health Insurance plans study was recently released in response to this fear. The study stated that the health insurance premiums would go up even higher if the current health care reform went through. However, when releasing the study, only parts of it were revealed in order to scare people away from considering health care reform. It focused on only specific aspects of the proposed legislation and ignored any provisions that were aimed at making health care affordable. With this, it is hard to trust in the health insurance industry.

It is also troubling that there are so many factors involved with any bill that one really cannot predict what will actually occur as a result of health insurance reform. It is important to focus on the main goals of exchanges made that will allow companies to compete with each other and putting subsidies in place for those in the lower-income bracket.