Health insurance a stretch for even middle class

Jenny Decker RN's picture

The health insurance plan currently in debate in Washington may have good intentions. In reality, if it is actually intended to provide coverage for all, there are a lot of bumps that need to be overcome before any affordable plan is approved. According to Obama’s health insurance overall, health insurance costs will be a stretch for even the middle class.

This problem has been realized by lawmakers and they are working hard to be able to overcome the problem. Obama’s plan to provide subsidies is a good idea, however, the law to have health insurance goes into effect immediately, but the subsidies to help with affordable health insurance do not kick in until the year 2013.


This will then leave many who would be subject to penalties for not having health insurance.

The Kaiser Family Foundation shows part of the problem. The calculator shows how much of a subsidy a four-member family would need for different incomes. It gives a small idea of how difficult it may be. The problem: What about those who have more than two children? How will it affect them? How expensive would health insurance be for them, and how much would the government help?

Health insurance is expensive, and it will always be expensive. Affordable health insurance is a huge job for lawmakers to deal with. There is a good possibility that the health insurance overall will still leave millions without health insurance at all.