Affordable public health insurance rejected by Finance Committee

Jenny Decker RN's picture

The historic public health insurance option by Obama has been rejected by the Finance Committee. The vote was 15 to 8, and this makes a victory for Baucus and his supposedly affordable health care plan. It looks as though a massive overhaul of health care may not be in the running.

Senator Baucus is hopeful that his plan may now be the focus of affordable health care. The public health insurance option included protections for consumers, as well as competition for insurance companies. Insurance companies would no longer be able to deny someone coverage if they had a preexisting condition. It also provided government subsidies for those who were unable to afford health insurance.


Senator Baucus, the Montana Democrat, now may get a compromise on his deal. Obama’s public health insurance option, now defeated by the Finance Committee, is going to face many obstacles now as both the House and the Senate move into October to overhaul health care in an effort to provide affordable health care for all.

In the public health insurance option, there was concern about taking money away from Medicare and the elders of the nation. Other concerns were the ability to get in to see a doctor when needed. However, getting coverage for children and other needy populations is important. Somehow, affordable health care for all will have to balance out. The money has to come from somewhere.

It remains to be seen what will occur in the next several weeks as the health care debate heads into October. Will the massive overhaul of public health insurance have to compromise on its points? It appears as if there are several complexities that will not only come out and affect the way health care is given, but who knows what is will really look like.