Medicare and seniors protected under proposed reform

Jenny Decker RN's picture

For the seniors in the United States tonight, a sigh of relief can be heard. President Obama directs part of his speech directly to protecting Medicare and seniors under his health care reform bill. As a reassurance to seniors, Obama explains how this will occur.

Seniors across the country have been told stories about how Medicare will be used to finance the health care insurance plans. Those who made and distributed the stories about seniors losing Medicare and their benefits are actually those who supported a budget for a privatized voucher program for Medicare. President Obama bluntly states that he will not allow this to happen while he is office. He says, “I will protect medicare.”


President Obama describes Medicare as a sacred trust that was put in place to prevent seniors from having to pay exorbitant costs in health care. Stories have abounded how this sacred trust would become obsolete. President Obama states that this is not the case.

Seniors and Medicare are a valued part of the American community. With promised continuation of benefits, President Obama assured seniors that not one dollar of the health care reform costs would come from Medicare dollars.

According to President Obama, the waste and abuse of the system that is currently taking place will be weeded out and this would result in significant savings for the health care system. Obama stated that the savings accrued from the current waste and abuse of the Medicare system will be enough to fill the gap of prescription coverage that costs seniors thousands of dollars in medications each year. In a resounding applause, President Obama has brought the seniors to his view of health care reform for Medicare and Medicaid.