The Making Affordable Health Insurance For All

Jenny Decker RN's picture

With a health care system that has been building into the existence it is today, costs have blown way out of control. Health care reform efforts aim to decrease the costs that have exploded the last several years. Providing affordable health insurance coverage to all is the main goal of President Barack Obama.

Affordable health insurance has been out of reach for many people, including children and millions of cancer patients. Obama has stated that there must be coverage for all, but will it be enough to help pull the nation out of debt? Obama has stated that if it is not done, the state and federal governments will go bankrupt and insurance premiums will continue to skyrocket, putting health care out of reach for many more. In a Tuesday town hall meeting, Obama stated, “We have to get it done!”


Health insurance that is affordable is one of the main obstacles faced today. When health care is not attainable, medical care is not sought out until emergencies occur. When this happens, a person will go to an ER and costs will rise for everyone.

Other worries about the Obama health care plan include the ability to see the doctor of one’s choice and receive services even with a pre-existing illness. Although Obama has attempted to alleviate these fears, they still remain with many. In a country where affordable health insurance is quickly becoming obsolete, health care reform is not just a political agenda, it affects each and every American.

However, in order to bring about affordable health insurance for all, there is much to do. Debate and discussion about the various issues is critical. Committees such as the Finance Committee must pass the reform as well. Health insurance reform is deeply embedded in the fact that today’s health care is deeply rooted. In order to pass the bill, these committees look at how it will affect costs overall to the budget and to the health care industry. In health care, benefits may not been seen until a decade down the road.

According to the Washington Post today, two Republican senators state that Republicans do want to see a bill passed. Senator Bob Corker (Tenn.) and Judd Gregg (N.H. ) have said they are watching what is going on in the Finance Committee talks. There is movement to help the problem of Medicare payments to doctors. In January, these payments are scheduled to be cut by 21 percent. Medicare payments are already so low that several physicians refuse to take Medicare patients. Affordable health insurance for the elderly is also at stake. It will be interesting to see how making health insurance affordable to all will turn out.