Obama Town Hall Meeting Riot

Jenny Decker RN's picture

In something spreading faster and farther than the swine flu, those against the new health insurance reform and those for health care reform gather together to discuss their opinions at town hall meetings being held across the country. These are no ordinary meetings. Some representatives have elected to hold meetings online as a way to increase the amount of people that can be involved, but also because several have received death threats.

In what looks like mobs from days past, security at the town hall meetings being held has been tighter than normal, triple the amount usually required. Those in the crowds have shouted down the representatives, made threats, and menaced the very people they elected to bring democracy and freedom to the people. Representative Brian Baird, D-Washington, called it a “lynch mob mentality,” in response to health insurance reform.


The issue of health insurance reform and the aim of President Barack Obama is to hit the declining economy right in the very center with health care reform. This then provides the people of America more choices in health care. They will have the ability to choose their own doctor, be educated about end-of-life issues, and have pre-existing illnesses covered. Those against health insurance reform have failed to understand what issues they are so angry about.

With the health insurance reform issues to be discussed at town hall meetings, Obama is directing information to a people who have been widely misinformed by the large insurance companies. The town hall meetings have turned to riots where it is no longer American. Shouting, using mob tactics, and threatening one’s life is not the American way.

Fortunately, there is the internet where the town hall meetings can be held, more constituents can be reached, and it can be controlled. A better way to hold the meetings and the message is delivered more effectively. The message is not that the government is taking over, the message is that if the health care industry continues like it is today, the country will go bankrupt and we will be in deeper trouble than ever before. Something has to be done now and representatives want to hear the voice of the people in a diplomatic way. Mob-like meetings do nothing but put others in danger. Bring those passionate feelings to the attention of your representative and express your opinion in an American way.

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