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Health Insurance Reform Key to Recovery

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In a response address to President Barack Obama’s weekly radio address, the Republican nominee for Virginia governor, Bob McDonnell, stated that Republicans view creating jobs and keeping taxes low as a way to boost the economy. With the debate on overhauling the nation’s health care, health insurance reform is the key to recovery, according to President Barack Obama.

In the address this morning, President Barack Obama explained and clarified what the health insurance reform was all about. Obama said that the purpose of the reform was to lay a new foundation for future generations of America. He stated that the “key pillar of that foundation is health insurance reform.”

Health insurance reform was meant to put the individual in charge. He clarified the position that many have distorted lately. Obama stated the government was not taking over insurance. Consumer protection is the purpose of the health insurance reform. Imagine being able to go to the doctor you want to go to, or get the services you need for a preexisting illness. These are the types of specific goals that will be accomplished.

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President Barack Obama stated that to build a foundation on which our children can grow and prosper, health insurance reform is the first step. By taking this first step, this alleviates the stress of financial and coverage concerns of health costs. In return, without the worry of paying out money to health care bills and other health care costs, resources needed to build the economy are then free.

Republican nominee for Virginia governor Bob McDonnell is concerned about the economy in regards to unemployment and the inability to access resources in which the American people can once again become prosperous through free enterprise. The health insurance reform is not meant to take away from free enterprise and building up employment opportunities. It is about freeing up resources that are currently tied up in astronomical health care costs.

Once health insurance reform takes place, the economy can once again begin to lay that foundation for our children and their children. Resources to build a strong America will once again be at our doorsteps. This is a critical step that must be taken because the current system is causing both state and federal governments to go bankrupt, not to mention what it is doing to the American people. As President Barack Obama stated this morning in the weekly address, “health insurance reform is about people’s lives and America’s future.”

Source: White House