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Psycho Donuts Bring Comic Relief

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Psycho Donuts

There is a lot of fuss about a relatively new concept of donut. These donuts are called psycho donuts. These donuts are different than the average donut one can get at an average donut shop. These have pushed beyond the limits of being normal. Donut fries, Coco marbles, Bipolar, and Manic malt are just a few of these delectable creations.

However, since the opening of the store in Campbell, California, protests have become quite common. The reason is that mental health issues in the country are still tender. Mental health illness still has a stigma tied to it. To bring it out in such a manner is offensive to some who view this as a joke that is not very funny at all. Psycho donuts is a creative store with unique ways of expressing the different types of mental illness that is around us every day and yet, we are shoving it under the carpet.

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The creators of this interesting new type of donut shop did not think it would create such a stir. But create a stir it did. Some of those who view these donuts as a sick joke are some people who came into the shop and ordered the Massive Head Trauma donut. This donut is jelly filled and has a frosting face, and the letter “x” for eyes. A few felt this might be offensive to those who had had a brain injury or parents with children with a brain injury. Even so, it is possible they missed the point of Psycho Donuts that comic relief is sometimes a form of healing?

Oscar Wight, CEO of the United Advocates for Children and Families, a group who supports those families who have children of mental illness has called for the donut shop to change its theme. He states that the theme is degrading and insensitive. Possibly, but the owner of Psycho Donuts replied that it is a free economy, a free country, and that those calling for a change in theme really have no right to tell him how to do business.

Then there are the people who support the theme. The donuts and the inside of the donut shop are not meant to be a cruel joke. Perhaps it is time to bring mental illness awareness out into the open. And what better way than to make it an issue where people become more aware of what others are dealing with. It may be surprising to some that those who deal with mental illness day after day really suffer and they need help. Psycho donuts is a great way to bring about mental awareness.