Dramatic Weight Loss Can Be Healthy

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Weight loss issues flood our homes every day. We see it on television, on the internet, in stores, and just about anywhere we go. Dramatic weight loss does not necessarily mean it is unhealthy weight loss. Dramatic weight loss is defined by how it was lost and how long it took to lose the weight. It is a normal human reaction to see famous people in the news who are deemed to have dramatic weight loss, such as Jane Goldman, Tyra Banks, and Miranda Kerr. Dramatic weight loss can be healthy.

There are many ways to lose weight. Once one does lose the weight, it looks like a dramatic weight loss because it is clearly visible. The trick is to keep it healthy. Unhealthy weight loss can detrimentally affect the body, especially the heart. So what are some of the ways that weight loss is possible?

Weight loss surgery is one of the latest “fads” to hit the media. The famed lapband is the now a popular way to loss weight through surgery. Other options for weight loss include:


o Zerona
o Liposuction
o Laser Lipolysis
o SlimLipo
o SmartLipo

Even though these methods may be effective and immediate slimming is visible, risks are associated with them and they should be considered as a last resort, writes WebMD. Losing weight takes time and should be taken slowly. Realistic goals are the most effective for losing weight and finding the right support system. Dramatic weight loss takes time, effort, and hard work.

There are a few steps toward effective and healthy weight loss. First is goal setting. The second is to find a diet buddy. The third is to find the right diet. WebMD suggests that not every diet out there is the “right one” for everyone. You may have to try on a few before finding on that really works. Dramatic weight loss can then begin.

For those who are really enthusiastic and stick to their goals of dramatic weight loss, consider losing 10% of your total body weight in 3-4 months time. This should then equal about 20% weight loss in a year. Most people will lose about 5% in 3-4 months and 10% over the course of a year. Healthy weight loss is the key word here. Compare pictures of before and after and you will see a dramatic weight loss and you too can be one of the stars who have a dramatic and slender new body.



I really think this is a great article. I have tried so many time to lose weight and it never happens like I want it to. It is very hard to lose weight when you don't know what to do in foods and diet plans.
I am so glad you found this helpful. I, too, have struggled with this same issue and it is comforting to know that there are ways to help. Thanks for your reply!