Rise In Female DUI Creates Concern

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Women DUI

A woman is driving her car down the street. She is weaving back and forth and speeding. An officer nearby observes that she has three children sitting in the backseat. If the officer does not stop her, then a potentially fatal accident could occur, most likely killing not just her, but her children as well. This woman is driving under the influence of alcohol. Female DUI’s are becoming more and more common.

There is an increasing trend of women turning to alcohol and driving, often with their children in the car with them. Women are taking on more responsibilities. They are working outside the home, in charge of all the childcare and housework, and feeling the pressure mount on their shoulders. A turn to alcohol to get a break from all the stress is one way women look for relief. Female DUI’s are speaking to the federal government. Strategies to educate and slow down this trend are beginning to take form.


The scary thing is they are putting their children at risk for death once they put them in a car and go for a ride. DUI’s for women are more severe because women are trying to be perfect and deep inside they are crying for help, but their children are often right in the car with them. Children are often the ones that lose their lives in the process.

Drunk driving and health concerns are the result of continuing alcohol addictions. A female may have a history of addiction before having a family. This addiction is unlikely to resolve when having children. It is likely to get worse, often with the woman obtaining DUI’s and adding even more stress.

Some of the health concerns that are involved with alcoholism include fetal alcohol syndrome if the woman drank alcohol while she was pregnant and liver intoxication. Drunk driving and putting other lives at risk is another fatal accident waiting to happen.

At this point, a few questions are brought to mind. Does driving drunk with children in the car constitute not only a DUI but also charges of child abuse? What can be done to help women with their feelings of inadequacy, that they cannot possibly do everything? What can be done to assist the alcohol addicted woman to get off the alcohol? Finally, what can be done to keep a woman from driving drunk with her children in the car? How many lives can be saved by answering and addressing these questions?