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Children recycle Halloween candy for good cause

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Children all over the nation worked hard last night trick-or-treating in order to help the troops overseas. Recycling Halloween candy for a good cause has made many children proud to be helping the troops. At the same time, they learn about good oral care as dentists, who are buying the candy for $1 per pound, also give out toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash.

The nationwide campaign was launched four years ago. Now there are over 1000 dentists who participate each year. The treats are then put in care packages for the troops and sent out by the California-based Operation Gratitude, writes the Bostonherald. The soldiers are able to use the candy to get information. Children in Afghanistan and Iraq often know where insurgents hang out and they also know where the land mines are.

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A bag full of candy is unhealthy for teeth. However, trick-or-treating can still be fun. The costumes and the fun goblins and ghosts who creep up our streets each year should still remain. Give the kids a good cause to work for, and most of them will be very excited to help out the troops. Recycling candy gives them something to work for.

KMBC-TV tells of a group of children from Kansas City, Missouri who sold their candy for the troops. One young boy, Kolby Merrell, stated, “Three hours. I went trick-or-treating for three hours.” Hannah Martinez said, “I feel pretty good about it because they need it. They should have some joy.”

Giving up all the candy is not as easy as it sounds. Kansas City McKenzie Harlan said, “It’s all gone. I mean, I know it’s for a good cause and everything, but I just wanted the candy.” Well, McKenzie, giving that candy up and the great feeling of helping out the troops will last in your heart for much longer than any candy could.

Dental offices around the country are still taking candy on Monday. If you want to donate your extra candy to a good cause, give your dentist a call and see if they are recycling Halloween candy for a good cause and if not, where can you take your candy. Your teeth will thank you and the troops will, too.