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Wash your hands with Elmo

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Elmo and washing of hands to prevent flu

“Wash, wash, wash, wash, wash, wash, wash,” Elmo sings on a new video for the federal government. The federal government is teaming up with Sesame Street, specifically Elmo, to help teach children how to wash their hands with Elmo. This is part of the flu prevention tips for being “Happy and Healthy on Sesame Street”.

The videos were made to help little children learn to wash their hands, cough into their sleeves, and avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth. Elmo sings a little song, mentioned above, and demonstrates how to wash hands. He teaches health hygiene as a way to prevent the flu.

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Washing hands is one of the most effective ways to prevent catching illnesses and using Elmo as a way to show this to children is wonderful. Sesame Street is watched by most children and the messages must often begin with children, as they are often the ones who are open and willing to learn.

Soon, every child will be singing, “wash, wash, wash, wash, wash, wash,” along with Elmo and setting examples for the rest of us. To view these videos, go to http://www.flu.gov/psa/index.html#elmo.

Health officials say that washing hands and strict personal hygiene is important for keeping flu away from you. Particularly they refer to washing hands with soap.