Cuba announces its first deaths from swine flu

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Cuba has announced that there have been 3 pregnant women who have died from the swine flu. This is the first announced of any swine flu death in Cuba. However, the Deputy Health Minister Jose Angel Portal reported a total of 2100 pregnant women who had symptoms of swine flu and were being treated for it. Of those 2100, 110 were seriously ill, write the official Communist Party newspaper “Granma”.

The government in Cuba is actively fighting the swine flu. They state that they are doing everything within their power to assist their people in the fight against H1N1. However, the communist government is wary of using the vaccine.


The government is concerned that the virus will mutate and thus, the vaccine will not be usable, costing millions of dollars. However, the virus has not mutated as of now and waiting could be detrimental to those whose lives could have been saved.

Cuba stated that among the 621 confirmed cases of swine flu, 177 of them are children. Cuba also states that the first cases of swine flu in the country were from visitors to the island. The newspaper Granma reports that the virus is spreading and the amount of cases are rising.

Swine flu is a global pandemic. According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 375,000 lab confirmed cases and now there are over 4500 deaths that have been linked with the H1N1 virus. Several countries, including the United States, have stopped counting each and every case of swine flu and related deaths.


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