Mythbuster fall highlights first aid and safety at workplace

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Sunday at around 3:30 pm, Mythbusters’ Erik Gates fell 30 feet from a building he was working on. He reportedly fell through a skylight and sustained blunt force injuries to the chest. With the tragic death of the regular Mythbusters’ Erik Gates, first aid and safety tips are in order for any who have chest injuries of any type or are doing anything where falling is a risk. Blunt force chest injuries can occur from falling or from penetration of an object in the chest cavity.

Safety is a top priority for the Mythbusters. Before any show, viewers are warned to never try anything on the show at home. The Mythbusters are professionals and follow safety measures so that they can share their knowledge and fun with their viewers. To ensure your safety, be sure to heed these warnings.


It was reported by that Gates was apparently walking across the roof of the building he and a colleague were working on. The colleague turned his back for just a moment when Gates fell. He did not see how or why Gates fell. Erik Gates was the rocket expert for Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters. He appeared on the show a few times. He also owned “Gateco Electric”. At the time of his death he was 47 years.

WebMD suggests the following first aid measures for any blunt force chest injuries. Always call 911 immediately with any chest injury. Always remember never remove any object that remains in the chest. If removed, further injury could result, especially severe bleeding. If there is a hole in the chest anywhere, an airtight dressing should be applied. This could be done with tin foil or a plastic bag. Do this immediately. Keep the person positioned with the injury side down. If available, pure oxygen should be given to help the person breathe. Immobilize the neck and back of the injured person to prevent any further problems with unseen injuries. If the person’s heart stops, CPR may be needed.

Remember to use safety first. This can prevent many types of injuries. If an injury does occur, call 911 and be prepared to apply first aid measures.


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