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Seniors concerned about health care reform

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America's seniors are wondering about the road that health care reform is traveling down. Seniors are concerned about health care reform and how it affects them. As the nation’s largest group to use health care, they are also the biggest group of voters, writes Associated Press. Several are concerned about a government take over.

Fears of the health care reform are widespread. However, seniors are especially nervous because of the tradeoffs from the Medicare programs in order to spread the money around. Though Obama states that nobody is talking about cutting the benefits to Medicare, seniors wonder why Democrats have not gotten the message out to them.

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Concerns from the seniors include the $500 billion cuts in the next ten years. Other cuts may affect the senior population as well. Some health care experts are saying that even though the government is promising that Medicare benefits will not be affected, they think that seniors will still have to pay.

With Medicare being cut more every time seniors get a chance to get used to the previous cuts, seniors have valid concern for the upcoming health care reform. Some of the changes made from legislation may actually make the Medicare benefits better and improved.

For example, the gap in prescription medications may be reduced or eliminated. This is a real boost for seniors who struggle to pay for the gap in coverage. Preventive services may have copays and deductibles removed. Payments to physicians are expected to be higher as well, which may result in more services available to seniors.

Hopefully the Democrats will remember that the seniors are probably the most important population to target for giving information about their health care reform legislation. Talking with the seniors may in fact boost their efforts. With seniors being concerned over health care reform, they should be included in the plans.