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Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Energy of Awakening

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Kundalini Rising is an anthology of 24 different essays. Put together by editor Tami Simon, the authors of these essays range from mystics, psychologists, neuroscientists, yogis, and ordinary people. The book is divided into four sections exploring this mysterious legendary power that has been known to be guarded by masters of Kundalini, as well as being buried in esoteric texts all over the world.

Kundalini is defined as a divine feminine power or serpent power that lies dormant at the base of the spine in each individual. This power can be ignited by certain yoga and meditation practices. The energy moves up the spine and into the body. This causes physical, mental and psychic phenomena that are explained in this book. The essays written by ordinary people and experts alike guide the individual through these sometimes frightening experiences.

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Part one of the book is based on the explanation and experience of Kundalini. It explains what energy awakening is and draws the reader into the book, thirsty for more. Part two is about the relationship between Kundalini yoga and one’s health. This section is written by psychologist, doctors, and neuroscientists. One reader observed that the accounts given in this section give one a better understanding of what Kundalini energy is and how it awakening benefits the body and the mind.

Part three of Kundalini Rising is called ‘Kundalini at Large’. This section describes more the history of Kundalini and how it has popped up in cultures throughout the world. It gives a better understanding how Kundalini has evolved throughout history. Part four talks about Kundalini in motion. This section is where actual yogis answer questions that are common in regards to Kundalini. They discuss the connection between the body and the mind and how they are closely linked. The yogis explain that Kundalini yoga is a good way to increase physical and mental well-being.

This book is long overdue. It is fascinating and brilliant. Anyone who currently practices yoga will related to this book and delight in the energy of awakening, as well as the physical and mental benefits from this type of yoga. For those who have not practiced yoga, or are new to yoga, this is an excellent book to guide one through an inspiring journey. For those who are looking for an energy awakening for the New Year, Kundalini Rising is a highly recommended book for your Christmas list!



As my search begins for more information on this type of Yoga, this book review is timely and appreciated. Thank You!