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TrekDesk Treadmill Desk can help lower blood pressure

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A study released by the Institute of Medicine finds high blood pressure is a largely neglected disease in the United States. High blood pressure is relatively easy to diagnose and treat, yet 1 in 6 deaths in the US are due to hypertension. The health care costs are $73 billion per year. The IOM states that through cutting salt intake, increasing vegetables, fruits and lean protein, and adding a more active lifestyle, the US can cut the rates of high blood pressure by 22 percent. This is where the TrekDesk comes in. The TrekDesk can help lower blood pressure because it can cut sitting time that is known to lead to a variety of health risks.

By using the above methods to lower blood pressure, health care costs can be decreased by $17.8 billion according to the report released by the IOM. That is a significant decrease each year. It is well known among health care providers that exercise is often the most challenging aspect of lifestyle changes. Founder of TrekDesk, Steve Bordley, states, “The impact of exercise, though only a cornerstone of the solution needs to be championed at every level, starting with our schools and expanding into our workplace. This is where Americans spend the majority of their time and any attempt to overhaul lifestyles that does not incorporate changes to this environment is doomed to fail.”

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The TrekDesk offers a unique solution to increasing activity. It fits right in with the busy lifestyle. It is easy to use at either work or home. Setting a speed at only .8-1 mph, a person could slowly walk sometimes up to 7 miles a day, working a 10 hour day. Others use them at home while they check emails or browse the internet. One lady even said that she knits while walking! With the increase in walking alone, according to IOM, high blood pressure can be decreased by 4-6 percent.

The TrekDesk Treadmill Desk comes in a gray color, and it is easy to assemble. Videos can also be watched on Youtube to assist with assembly. Complete assembly usually takes between 30-45 minutes. The TrekDesk is 72 inches long and 34 inches wide with 2 height adjustable support legs that are fixed into position and are 49 inches apart. The treadmill desk can be used for persons from 5’4” to 6’4”. It will also fold up for easy storage or transportation. The desk includes a manuscript holder and a file folder with 3 levels. It also has a top stand to hold a telephone, headset, or cell phone. In addition, the TrekDesk has a 2 cup utility holder. The desktop is stain resistant and it has a wide space for working.

The only draw back to the desk is that the treadmill is not included. When buying one, that is an important aspect to keep in mind. The desk does fit most treadmills, but you will need to check measurements to be sure. TrekDesk Treadmill Desk can be purchased through Amazon.com and it is normally listed for $589, however, right now it is listed for $479, which is a savings of $110. It usually ships in 1 business day and reviews show that the company is excellent to work with and oftentimes the desk arrives early. Be part of the movement to lower blood pressure by increasing your activity by changing the way you work with the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk.