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Breastfeeding Doll Bebe Gluton Creates Debate

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Breastfeeding Doll Bebe Gluton

Imagine a mother sitting in a rocking chair, breastfeeding her infant while her little girl sits at her feet with her own baby. What does the child do? Well, she lifts her little shirt and pretends to breast feed her doll too. It is a natural reaction for a child to imitate her mother. This is nothing new. In fact, many mothers have probably witnessed a tender moment like this with one of their children.
The next natural thing in the line of toys is to be able to make a toy that meets the need of this little girl. So why not make a breastfeeding doll? And her name could be Bebe Gluton. Bebe Gluton has raised a lot of eyebrows as of late. As with any controversy, there are two sides to action.

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There are those who are concerned that a breastfeeding doll will sexualize little girls and that they will get more of a sex education than merely make-believe play. Is breastfeeding in front of the child then showing to them that it is something more than nourishing an infant? Do we teach our children then that bottle feeding is the “in” thing to do? Or do we teach our children with the breastfeeding doll that this provides a level of care and bonding that is natural and encouraged? Breastfeeding is not sexualizing the children who are around the mother, but it is portraying a moment of providing good health to an infant and love as well.

Those who are positive say that it is only natural for a young girl to follow her mother. It is how children learn, by watching those around them, and then mimicking them. Other species learn the same way. Kittens learn to hunt from their mothers and birds learn to fly. So why not let the child experience the sweet moment of playing with her breastfeeding doll?

There is also a concern that having a breastfeeding doll will only make the young boys uncomfortable to play with it or any other doll. It is possible, but if a boy wants to play with the breastfed doll, he is likely to do the same thing he sees other males doing, such as a father or uncle. And if the child wants to wear the vest that comes with the doll to provide the breastmilk,that is okay. In time , the young boy will learn what the male role is. It is like letting the girls play with the boys’ toys, such as trucks and space ships. At this young age, children are very resilient and learning about their environment. Remember, it isn’t sexualing children at a young age, because breastfeeding is not about that. It is about loving, bonding with, and nourishing another human being.



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