Peters Hosts Health Care Forum Tonight

Jenny Decker RN's picture

In an auditorium that carries only 800 people, over 1,000 people were outside West Bloomfield High School tonight, with signs in hand. The crowd was waiting for a health care forum tonight, hosted by Rep. Gary Peters, D-Mich. From emails going back and forth with both parties, some are predicting that it will be quite a lively meeting.

The meeting was scheduled from 6 to 8 pm and both Democrats and Republicans will definitely be there. Peters has stated that he has not decided which way he will vote on the health care reform and the meeting is a way for him to hear those whom he has not had a chance to hear. In response, both parties and a variety of interest groups are vying for his attention to vote the way they want him to. In order to get into the health care forum meeting, signs will not be permitted and only those who are residents of the district in which Peters is over (Oakland County) will be admitted. Entrance is contingent on personal identification.


Town hall meetings have been numerous around the nation lately. They started in Washington and have moved out to the states and communities. The issue of health care reform has been quite an emotional one. In fact, some town hall meetings have become very heated. Early Monday, Republicans sent out emails to supporters to arrive at the meeting around 5 pm to get seats. The Democratic Party then sent out emails to their supporters to show up at 4 pm in order to thwart the efforts of filling the auditorium by the Republicans.

Rep. Peters has stated that he will take the voice of the people back with him to Washington. No wonder both parties are seeking to fill West Bloomfield High School. However, other representatives are already planning to have a number of health care forums. This will occur in the next few weeks. As for Rep. Peters, he has to contend with Republican Paul Welday. He will be running against Peters in the next election. Welday will also be holding a health care forum on Wednesday at the Farmington Hills Public Library from 7 to 8:30 pm.

Those who will not be allowed in the auditorium will be allowed to stay outside the auditorium and observe, perhaps standing room will be available as well. Will the crowd become rowdy? Other town hall meetings have in the past on the issue of health care reform. From the content of the emails sent out to supporters, it looks like a rowdy night.

Health care forums are a good way for local communities to have their voices heard. Many people are claiming that it isn’t the politics that draws them to the town meetings, it is the fact they fear socialization of health care and taking away the freedom of the American people.