Benefits of dieting and you won't have to diet

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Imagine yourself getting the benefits of dieting, but not having to do the work of dieting! Well, there is a new study that is out that shows that there may be a way to do it. The study has shown in mice that there is a possible link between the absence of a gene and the body eating less, as well as a healthier life, too, writes Reuters.

The study was conducted at the Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology at University College of London. Researcher Dominic Withers states, “What we have found is that this gene is one that regulates life span and also determines how healthy animals are in middle and late age.”

The gene that is associated with this study is what researchers called the “knock-out” gene, S6K1, which is the ribosomal S6 protein kinase 1 gene. The deletion of this gene in the mice caused the mice to behave as if their caloric intake was restricted. The most interesting part of the study is that the mice were resistant to type2 diabetes. Plus, they had reduced incidence of osteoporosis, which meant that they had stronger bones. Another amazing result is the longer lifetime that may be possible with this work.


Finding diet benefits without dieting has long been a priority of researchers over the years. Learning how the body works with drugs that replicate the effects of the diet, without dieting has been a long road for scientists, and those who would like to lose weight as well. Interestingly, the pathways that make the body act this way also affect the aging process of the body. It is not quite understood how it works, but this pathway to diet benefits also is the pathway to preventing aging related diseases.

One drug that works on this same pathway is the diabetic drug, metformin. It works on the well-known target AMPK or otherwise, AMP-activated protein kinase. With this study’s development, and metformin’s ability to stimulate AMPK, metformin might be able to be studied in the same context as diet benefits and anti-aging benefits as well.

Implications for this study are huge. We are one step closer to understanding how the body ages and the diseases that are closely related to aging, such as type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. Clues for studying drugs that could possibly have positive effects on the human body are right in front of our noses! How nice it would be to have the benefits of a diet, without having to diet!

Further studies will need to be done. Years are still ahead of us. Who knows what developments will take place, but one thing is for sure, life may be prolonged as a result of this very important work. Perhaps the fountain of youth exists afterall.


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