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What Condition Was Most Searched on Google in 2018? The Answer May Surprise You!

Google searching autism

We are all guilty of it-Googling different conditions and symptoms to see what is going on with us instead of calling our doctor. After all, healthcare is expensive in the US and we want to know if our simple cough could indicate a more serious problem or if it is just that- a simple cough. The problem is, when you start googling your symptoms you can end up convincing yourself of some pretty bad things. In minutes we become hypochondriacs’; however, knowing what is most popularly Googled in your given state can give you a good idea of what is ultimately going on in said state.


Thanks to an articles published in Newsweek and medicalhealthcareplans.com we now have a list of the most Googled medical conditions, by state, in 2018. The results are somewhat surprising. They were able to isolate the most Googled conditions nationwide, as well as by state (including Washington, DC).

How did they do it?

Well its actually very simple. According to their article, published in June 2018, they started by “identifying the most frequently searched medical conditions on Google Trends over the past year.” They then listed each of the conditions along with any corresponding conditions and then ran them back through Google Trends. This ultimately gave them the conclusions that they were searching for- the results of the most Googled conditions in each state.
It is noted that while their findings “may not provide a solution to your health concerns, they do offer some insight into which medical problems the people in your state are most worried about.”

What They Found:

It may surprise some, but the “most Googled medical condition in the US was ADHD.” An overwhelming nine states searched for ADHD more than any other healthcare concern. The article goes on to add that “according to the CDC, 9.4% of children aged two to seventeen years old had been diagnosed with ADHD in 2016.” So, given this statistic, it may not be all that surprising to some. Their results yielded some other results beyond that though. Respectively, Syphilis and HIV/AIDS came in second and third as the most searched medical conditions on Google. Overall, each state had distinctive healthcare concerns. A lot of which correspond to healthcare crisis’ that the given state may be facing.

Here are some of the most compelling findings, per their report:

- ADHD was searched in high numbers in Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

- Iowa searched for “binge drinking.” It also happens that they hold the fourth highest position in the US for binge/chronic drinking.

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- Louisiana and DC both searched for HIV/AIDS the most, for the second year in a row. Per reports by the CDC, these states are also included among the states with the highest rate of reported HIV cases in the US.

- Nevada’s most Googled medical condition was skin cancer. When you consider that they endure scorching summers, this makes sense.

- Kentucky searched for Hepatitis A, likely because the state experienced a large outbreak recently-as mentioned by the linked article.

- Georgia searched for syphilis the most for a second year in a row. Called “The Peace State,” it also has one of the highest STD transmission rates (per capita), according to CDC data.

- Idaho’s most Googled healthcare concern was E.coli. This makes sense when you add in that the state was “hard hit” by an outbreak of the bacterial infection this past year.

- Connecticut searched for “quarter-life crisis” more than anything else. It is pointed out that this is interesting because “The Constitution State” has one of the “oldest median ages in the country at 40.9 years of age.”

- Hashimoto's Disease was searched on Google in great numbers by residents in the states of Arizona, Hawaii, and Utah. Per WebMD, “Hashimoto’s Disease is also called Hashimoto's thyroiditis. It is an autoimmune disease, a disorder in which the immune system turns against the body's own tissues. In people with Hashimoto's, the immune system attacks the thyroid.”

- Per reports, Oklahoma searched for “diabetes” the most, which could be explained by the fact that the state has the ninth highest rate of obesity in the country.

- Vermont was searching for information about opioid use disorder the most. It is reported that this state has one of the highest rates of opioid deaths in the US, according to the CDC.

It is important to note that while there were “some commonalities in state-by-state web searches,” most states had “unique results depending on their current outbreaks and other health-related concerns.” For a complete list of the most googled search results per state in the last year, visit Medicalhealthcareplans.com. Also, remember that Google is in no way a substitution for your regular doctor. If you are feeling ill, make an appointment. As noted by Medicalhealthcareplans, “scheduling regular wellness checks and consulting your doctor as needed is much more proactive and effective than searching for a diagnosis from ‘Dr. Google.’”