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Millionaire Mom Sentenced in Murder of Non-Verbal Autistic Son


All of us parents of autistic children know the stresses of raising them, especially a non-verbal autistic child. I had that pleasure for half of my son’s life. He was non-verbal and extremely violent to himself and to me, he still is sometimes. Raising him during that point in time was unbearable it seemed, mostly because it’s an impossibility to get the support you need when you are in the parents shoes. The thing is, not one time did it or has it crossed my mind that the only way “out” is to murder my child [whether due to stress or unrealistic beliefs.


Just a week ago I wrote an article about the English woman that was being hailed a hero of sorts for withholding food and water so that her special needs child would die. While that story was hard to read, this one is worse.

The Background
Gigi Jordan [53 years old], a pharmaceuticals representative and millionaire believed her son, Jude Mirra [8 years old], had been sexually abused by his biological father. The father was never charged and refused to comment on the matter in depth; however the Ms. Jordan did, reportedly, turn to a renowned child exploitation expert in Wyoming for help, after 30 minutes interviewing her the experts deemed her unfit and delusional and had her separated from her son for several months. Despite these beliefs Mrs. Jordan swears that her non-verbal son saying that his dad was “bad over and over” was his way of telling her with his limited words that he was being hurt.

When it comes down to it, Ms. Jordan believed that her first husband was going to kill her leaving her son in the custody of the man she believes sexually abused him. Her first husband has also not been charged and both do deny the claims against them.

After these accusations one of Ms. Jordan’s friends, Rita Cristman, took the stand and revealed that Ms. Jordan had been having these thoughts for a while, she just didn’t take her seriously. As Ms. Cristman testified, Gigi confided to her that, “I’m going to give myself an overdose… I’m going to take him with me and give him an overdose, too. I can’t leave him behind. No one would ever be there for him.” Adding to that Ms. Cristman revealed that Gigi had made this assertion, which makes me sicker, regarding parents of autistic children who die being better off that those who live:

“Well one morning you wake up and the child is gone. It’s like they’ve been kidnapped and when your child is kidnapped you’re forever looking for them and wondering where they are and you can’t mourn.”

February 5, 2010
On a cold, sad February day Ms. Jordan transferred 8 million dollars from her savings to her checking and took Jude to a $1000 a night hotel to set her plan into motion. The story is that it was a murder-suicide gone badly, but if you pay attention to the facts it’s hard to believe. On the day of Jude’s death his body temperature was 80 degrees when found, suggesting he had been dead 8-14 hours before help arrived. Upon examining the 8 year olds body he had fresh bruising on his nose, chin, and chest [suggesting that Gigi sat on top of him as she killed him].

How she did it you ask? She gave her child a cocktail of several drugs dissolved in vodka and orange juice.
The police found the following:

-1000 Xanax Pills
-200 Prozac Pills
-400 Ambien Pills
-250 Celebrex Pills
-300 Trexone Pills

According to evidence Gigi used the Vodka to dissolve the pills than administered them to her son via syringe down the throat. In his autopsy it reports that his Xanax levels where 19 times that of an adult and his Prozac levels nearly 20-40 times that of an adult, mixed with other drugs. On top of those they also found ethanol in his blood, supporting the claim she dissolved the pills in the vodka.

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As sad as Jude’s death is, as hearth breaking as it is to bare, in my opinion the actions of the mother after she took his life is what makes this story one of nightmares. While Jude lay dying [presumably next to her] Gigi Jordan sent an email to her Merrill Lynch financial advisor asking him to take the money, the $125,000 trust that she had set up for Jude, and go ahead and transfer it to her personal account. While her son was dying.

The Trial
Gigi claims that this was a mercy killing, she claims that this was a murder-suicide attempt as she tried to kill herself after she killed her son, though I have found no real evidence suggesting that she actually tried to end her life. Prosecutors took the stance that Gigi planned her son’s murder after she traveled the country trying to find a cure for autism. Overall they argued that she killed the child out of an inability to except his autism mixed with the inability to cure him.

After 5 days of deliberations the seven man and five woman jury came back striking down a murder one conviction--instead handing down a manslaughter verdict. If she had been convicted of murder one she would’ve faced 25 to life. Under her conviction she faces 5-25 years. It’s reported that when the verdict was read Ms. Jordan showed little emotion aside from a deep sigh.

Gigi did testify, admitting that she did kill her son in this fashion and that her ex-husband had threatened to kill her and Jude’s father had abused him. She stated that, “I didn’t see any way out of this situation… I made a decision that I was going to end my life and Jude’s.”

There is an appeal planned on the grounds that Gigi wasn’t allowed to present her rambling suicide note and that the judge refused to allow her to plead self-defense or under duress. I do hope there are others out there that get as angry as me concerning her “grounds for appeal”.

In Conclusion
It’s easier for me to empathize with some of the mothers who kill their autistic children [not forgive, but empathize] because I have been there, we have all been to the breaking point. This mother though, I have zero empathy for and her verdict makes me sick. Kelli Stapleton deserved more mercy that this woman but did she get it, no.

For those of you who don’t know, on September 3, 2013 Kelli Stapleton took her teenage autistic daughter into a van and lit charcoal grills in an effort to kill them both. Kelli was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 10-22 years for it. Her daughter survived. What Kelly did was unforgivable but was Gigi did was murder.

All I can say now is that something could’ve been done to prevent this tragedy. In fact, several things could’ve been done to stop it. When will we all open our eyes to warning signs? When we stop thinking a person “would never do that”?

R.I.P. dear Jude.

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For those of you who don't know, Issy Stapleton had just returned from an intensive 6-month residential placement less than 72 hours before Kelli Stapleton poisoned her with carbon monoxide gas. You are probably also unaware of the fact that the reason Kelli was the only one Issy was 'violent' towards was because she was the only one who would trigger the 'fight or flight' response in her daughter and get in her face during the inevitable meltdowns. I have no problem empathising (not forgiving) with those who kill their disabled children because they genuinely believe the person is better off in some way, but I cannot empathise at all with someone who will murder their Autistic child because it's easier than dealing with the daily fallout caused by the neurotypical person in the relationship. Simples!