Massachusetts Increases Health Insurance Coverage

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Massachusetts Health Insurance

The Massachusetts State government commenced with a plan to increase the number of state citizens with health care coverage in 2006. Today, it is reported that more than 350,000 people have become insured with the new health care plan.

This had lead to a 40% drop of uninsured people visiting the ER, and more preventive treatments being put into place. This, in turn, has lead to overall increase of good health in Massachusetts’ citizens. If this plan works, it could lead to other states adopting the universal health insurance model, thus saving money for the country and leading to a higher quality of life for our citizens.

Now Massachusetts is planing to increase the number of people that have health insurance and makes strides in expanding health insurance coverage.

Doctor Dena Rifkin, MD, writes


"I have to give a gold star to my home state this week. Massachusetts just announced an impressive increase in the number of residents with health insurance. Since the June 2006 launch of a program aimed to extend health-care coverage to every resident, more than 400,000 people have joined the ranks of the insured. You can read about the ongoing health-care reform efforts at the official state site or in the Wall Street Journal’s health blog.

"There is continuing debate about how the financial side of this will work out, and it’s clear that everyone is watching Massachusetts to see how this experiment goes. One fact stood out to me in the reports though: The Boston Globe says that visits by the uninsured to community health centers and hospitals dropped by 37% from July 2007 to September 2007 compared with the same time period the year before."

This is why today Massachusetts has the lowest number of people without health insurance coverage.

It would be probably the best to make universal health insurance coverage available not only in MA but the nation-wide. However, the opponents say why should I pay for the other who does not want to stop smoking or does not want to leave a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps in that case we can adopt the upcoming legislation that is introduced in Alabama. According to that legislation health insurance coverage will be based on the number of pounds you have. It is designed to motivate people to follow a healthier lifestyle.

To conclude: on the side of the spectrum we have the current health care situation which is not working for millions of people. On the other end we have the mode of Massachusetts, which provides universal mandatory health insurance to all state residents. On the other hand there is this model to provide health insurance - let's make it mandatory - based on the level of healthy lifestyle that one wants to follow.

This seems to be a fair health insurance system for all.