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Workout clothes matter at the gym

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A consistent exercise schedule is one of the common recommendations for maintaining a healthy body, and it is often suggested as part of a treatment plan for some medical conditions. Although most people focus on the routine, gym location or other aspects, it is important to consider the workout clothes. The apparel you wear while exercising can make a difference.


The clothes you decide to put on at the gym matter, but everyone seems to have their own idea about what is best to wear. A report published in the Advanced Materials Research journal reveals that clothes can actually affect health through increasing or decreasing circulation, yet a person’s unique body composition will still influence the choices. From colorful yoga outfits to sports apparel featuring a favorite team, it is possible to see a great variety of clothes at any gym location. However, fitness experts have several tips that can make the selection process easier.

Comfort is the most important piece of advice from experts because an outfit will affect a person’s motivation to exercise. If the clothes do not fit right, this will become another excuse to avoid the gym for some people. It is important to test several outfits and different materials to find one that works best for you.

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Although comfortable clothes are important, it is best to avoid baggy items because they can be a problem at the gym. Baggy clothes can get caught on exercise machines, interfere with movement and create other issues. There is a balance between comfortable and baggy that each person must find before sitting on an exercise bike.

Tight clothing presents another issue that has created debates among some people. Extremely tight and revealing outfits are often seen as a distraction at the gym, but there is another aspect that needs to be considered. Some clothes can actually reduce circulation or make certain exercises impossible to do.

You may also want to avoid nanosilver workout clothes for several reasons. First, tests on the outfits have revealed that the nanosilver particles that promise to keep you safe from bacteria wash away after a few times. Second, researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have found that the nanosilver particles are creating an environmental threat because they can easily enter waste water. Since the silver nanoparticles are not actually attached permanently to the clothes, you may want to think about other gym apparel options.

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