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Why your weight and snoring could leave you needing a lawyer

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If you snore at night, then you may have more problems than you realize. Snoring is one of the top reasons couples get a divorce, and it affects relationships on multiple levels. Snoring also has an impact on your health and can increase your risk of issues such as cardiovascular disease. Your weight is an important factor, and those extra pounds can make your snoring worse.


Snoring destroys relationships

Many couples complain about their loved ones’ snoring and its impact on their sleep. It is one of the reasons they seek out a lawyer to get a divorce. A study from the Rush University Medical Center found that snoring can ruin marriages. The researchers revealed that couples who have sleep apnea are at a higher risk of divorce and report lower marriage quality. Their results show that wives with snoring husbands suffer from sleep deprivation. The snoring creates additional stress in the marriage and leaves couples fatigued and frustrated in the morning.

Couples also report that snoring leads to more fights and arguments. In addition, some couples are forced to use separate bedrooms or sleep in another part of the house. They indicate that snoring affects their communication, rest and happiness.

Why your weight matters

One of the key factors that affects snoring is your weight, and multiple studies support this. If you are overweight, then you are more likely to snore at night. Researchers believe that the additional fat in your neck causes the airways to become narrow, so you snore. In addition, studies show that snoring can actually lead to weight gain because of fatigue from not getting enough restorative sleep. This can increase your appetite while the exhaustion makes it less likely you will get enough exercise to keep the pounds off. The excess weight can also cause relationship problems and make divorce more likely to happen.

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Solutions for snoring

Most couples do not want to turn to a lawyer and end their relationships over snoring or weight gain. This is why many of them try a variety of solutions to stop snoring. Although weight loss is an important factor, it takes time, and couples need a faster answer. Instead, they try CPAP machines, mouthpieces, breathing strips, sprays and other products. Many couples have reported success and the return of a restful night after using mouthpieces or CPAP machines.

If your significant other is keeping you up at night with snoring that can be heard all over the house, then it is time to look for treatments. You may want to consult a doctor and find a solution that works for both of you. There are multiple over-the-counter and prescription products that are designed to help stop snoring. You may want to experiment with several of them and make sure they are actually working.

Why you cannot ignore snoring and weight gain

Researchers have noticed a dangerous link between snoring and weight gain. Although not being able to sleep may drive your significant other to get a lawyer, there is another reason why lawyers can make an appearance. Snoring and excess weight can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and death. The lawyers may be helping your partner deal with your estate after you pass away.

Your health and your relationships can suffer because of snoring, so it is important that you look for treatments and get help. You do not want to drive your partner away because you constantly interrupt the night with snoring. There are solutions that can eliminate snoring and save your relationship as you restore your health.



It's pretty sad if snoring leads to divorce !! Ears can be a factor in snoring as well. All the best !! :)