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Why Pilates is your secret ingredient to getting in shape

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Are you struggling to achieve a lean, toned and fit body while growing more bored of your usual workouts?


You are spending hours on a boring treadmill and sweating next to a strange woman who keeps staring at your water bottle. You are putting together complicated grocery lists filled with healthy foods and are starting to cry each time you have to purchase more kale, but your core is still flabby. If these scenarios are part of your weight loss battle, then you may be ready to try something different. Pilates is the secret ingredient to end your boring workouts and diet frustrations.

Defining Pilates

Pilates is a popular exercise system that relies on special equipment to change and improve your body. Experts explain that you do the exercises in a studio with instructors who guide you through the steps. The routine consists of low-impact exercises that enhance your flexibility, strength and endurance. The workouts vary, and some do not require any equipment, so they can include kneeling side kicks, leg pulls, rolling like a ball and leg circles. The Pilates reformer, which is a machine, is frequently used to help you exercise by providing resistance.

What Pilates does to your body

If you are struggling to get the body you want, then you will want to learn how Pilates can transform your body. First, it can help you achieve a strong core and tone your stomach area, so you can finally stop worrying about how your midsection looks in a tight outfit. Second, it can help you get long and lean muscles, so the annoying flab fades. Third, it can help you burn more calories by forcing your muscles to work harder.

Why you need Pilates

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Advanced Pilates classes can also help you keep your heart rate up, so you get an intense cardiovascular workout that burns more calories. It is a challenging fitness system, so you will never have to feel the treadmill boredom again. You will actually look forward to your training instead of searching for excuses to avoid your exercise plans.

What to expect from your first Pilates session

Whether you choose group training or a private class, your first Pilates session will introduce you to the basics of the fitness system and start your familiarity with the equipment. You may have to bring your own mat to do the floor exercises, and it is important to avoid baggy clothes because you do not want to get them stuck in the equipment. You want to wear comfortable outfits that let you stretch easily. Most classes begin with warming up, so you can get your body ready for the rest of the training.

You usually start with breathing exercises and move on to simple Pilates exercises. Some of the basic mat exercises include leg circles, rolling like a ball and pretending you are swimming. The complexity and intensity will increase as you reach new levels of flexibility and strength. The more advanced exercises include swan dives, hip circles and double leg stretches.

After your first Pilates session, it is normal to feel tired and sore. However, you do not want to use this as an excuse to quit and walk away. Pilates can dramatically transform your body, and the soreness will decrease as you become used to the exercises. You want to remember that the pain in your muscles means they have been stretched and are changing for the better.

The next time the strange woman at the gym starts looking suspiciously at your water bottle, and the treadmill is occupied, you may want to try Pilates. It can change your body and make it leaner, stronger and trimmer.

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