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Why the hedge apple trend is sweeping the Midwest

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Hedge Apple

Have you heard about the latest hedge apple trend? You might recognize some of its other names such as the horse apple, monkey ball, bois d’arc, bodark, bodock or Osage orange. If you are in the Midwest, then you probably know about the hedge apples. They grow prolifically in the area, and they are popular for their health and wellness benefits.


What is a hedge apple?

Hedge apples are the fruit of the Osage orange tree. It is a small to medium size tree with a short trunk and a rounded shape to its branches. Similar to a plum tree, the Osage orange has spiny branches and twigs that protect it from climbers, birds and predators.

In May or June, the female Osage orange trees will begin to grow green fruit known as hedge apples. By September, the fruit will have grown to between four and six inches in diameter and will fall to the ground.

Although you will find some of these trees in the deep South, they grow naturally and best in a small pocket in the Midwest. You may also see them in eastern Texas, southwestern Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma. However, the trees are perfect for the Midwest because they can grow easily in poor soil, withstand very strong winds and resist insects and disease. Due to their durability and thick, dense branches, farmers will often plant rows of the Osage orange trees to serve as fences for their livestock.

The hedge apple’s impact on health

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Midwesterners have known for years that the hedge apple is useful for much more than creating a fence for livestock. They have also found that it can contribute to better health and household help. Many have found that the hedge apple is excellent for driving away spiders and insects. Some have even found that spiders and insects disappear completely with the use of this fruit.

It is not clear why these fruits seem to be able to drive away pests. The fruit is not toxic, but people claim that when you place hedge apples around the foundation or along the windowsill of the home, they will eliminate pest infestations. Many people prefer to use them for this purpose instead of other remedies because the green fruit makes an attractive addition to the windowsill.

Ridding the home of insects can improve the overall health of the occupants. Insect and spider infestations can contaminate food, carry diseases and cause infections.

Babies and young children are especially susceptible to the bites of spiders and insects, but chemicals and other over-the-counter remedies for eliminating pests can be just as harmful.

This is one of the main reasons hedge apples are so popular. They are one of the most natural, safe methods for protecting against the spread of illness and disease from insects because you do not have to use harmful chemicals.

You cannot always predict if a pest is carrying a threatening disease that could put your family at risk. If you are looking for a natural way to keep your home free from dangerous diseases and infestations, then hedge apples and other alternative pest control remedies could be your solution.