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Whole30 snacks for work that are cheap and easy

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Are you struggling to come up with Whole30 snack or meal ideas that are fast, easy and cheap?


The Whole30 diet generally discourages snacking throughout the day, but there may be several situations that force you to have a snack. First, if you are just starting this diet plan, then it may be hard for you to get used to eating big meals and eliminating snacks. Second, your work situation may force you to turn to snacks. The following snack ideas will keep you satisfied as you work on reducing or cutting out snacking in favor of bigger meals.

Whole30 snacking fundamentals

Although snacking is discouraged on the Whole30 diet, you may be in a situation that requires you to work late and prevents you from being able to eat your meals at normal times. You may also have restrictions on what, when and where you can eat at work. The best snacks on the Whole30 diet are similar to small meals with protein and fat. However, you want to make sure that your breakfasts and lunches are filling, so you can reduce or eliminate snacking.

Fast and easy Whole30 snacks

It is important to remember that the Whole30 diet does not allow alcohol, sugar, dairy, soy, grains, legumes and processed foods. It is also crucial to keep in mind that your snacks should be filling and nutritious. In addition, you want to pack food that is easy and fast to eat while you are at work. The key is to combine protein, fat and vegetables together in one snack.

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The following snacks are approved for the Whole30 diet:

• Sliced hardboiled eggs plus olives and a salad
• Tuna salad or egg salad with a side of sliced peppers, asparagus or carrots
• A mix of cashews, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts with prosciutto and greens
• Avocados with sardines and vegetables
• Guacamole sweet potato fries with meat
• Turkey rollups with apple slices and cashews

Snacks to avoid

If you are committed to the Whole30 diet, then there are foods you should avoid. First, the items you find in a vending machine at work will not be compliant. You want to skip the greasy chips and sweet candy. You also want to skip the bags of salty pretzels, despite them being considered a healthier option, because grains are not allowed on this diet. In addition, you do not want to fill up on fruit and forget the protein and fat portions because your blood sugar levels will spike and fall.

Although Lara bars are permitted on this diet, you do not want to turn to them as a Whole30 snack for work every day. These bars are meant to be used in emergencies and not as a crutch for being too lazy or tired to prepare your meals in advance.

Whether you are working late or have too many meetings to have a proper lunch or dinner, your Whole30 snacks should be similar to small meals with a mix of protein, fat and vegetables. You want to limit fruits because they are high in sugar, but you can use them in small amounts.