White bread may be the link to obesity

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White bread appears to be more dangerous than researchers previously believed, and a new study reveals it is linked to obesity. The information, shared at the European Congress on Obesity, focuses on how many portions of white bread people eat on a daily basis. If you are consuming two or more slices of white bread a day, then you are at a higher risk of being overweight.

White bread and weight gain

Nutritionists have been encouraging people to switch to whole grain bread for years, and a new study supports their ideas. Researchers followed more than 9,000 people and tracked their daily consumption of white bread compared to whole grain bread. Their results confirmed that eating white bread leads to a greater chance of obesity.


People who ate two or more pieces of white bread per day were 40 percent more likely to have weight issues. Researchers are careful to point out that there is a link between this type of bread and obesity, but it must be explored in more detail in the future. Meanwhile, more people may want to consider their daily diets and how much white bread they eat.

Whole grain bread vs. white bread

Researchers blame refined sugar for the link to obesity and warn consumers to evaluate their bread choices carefully. Nutritionists have shared the benefits of whole grain bread in multiple studies by pointing out that the additional fiber and nutrients are healthier while refined breads can cause spikes in blood sugar.

Although some recommendations from recent studies on nutrition are difficult to follow, most people should be able adhere to this study’s tips. By switching to whole grain bread instead of white bread, you may be able to reduce the risk of obesity and avoid adding extra pounds.

Image: Evan Swigart/Wikimedia Commons