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What you can learn from cosmetic surgery trends

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Are you aware of the latest plastic surgery trends, and how they impact your decisions?


A report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveals that cosmetic surgery is not declining in popularity. Instead, it has grown by 115 percent since 2000, and patients are interested in a variety of surgical options. From buttock lifts to upper arm lifts, they are seeking out ways to improve their appearance and spending $12 billion a year to achieve it.

Women still outnumber men

Although cosmetic surgery trends change over time, one of them is being consistent. Compared to men, women are getting more plastic surgery. In addition, younger women continue to get surgeries earlier in life as they try to eliminate fat deposits, restore their bodies after childbirth and achieve a lean shape. The tendency to consider the advantages and disadvantages of a procedure before making a final decision persists.

Growing popularity of noninvasive procedures

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The growth of noninvasive or nonsurgical options is another trend that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons points out. The popularity of these procedures is tied to fewer side effects and shorter recovery time. In addition, patients prefer being able to return to work sooner without having to explain the scars, bruises and discoloration of their skin. Although noninvasive procedures cannot create the same results as surgical ones, they are able to provide short-term or minimal results.

Decreasing surgeries among teenagers

One positive trend that is emerging in this field is a decrease in the number of optional cosmetic surgeries among teenagers. According to the latest data, about 1 percent of surgeries are being performed on teens. Whether this is tied to higher self-esteem or a better body image, medical experts point out that a decrease in unnecessary cosmetic procedures in this age group is a positive step. On the other hand, it has been suggested that the cost of surgery is playing a large role in the decline of teens opting to have it.

Decreasing celebrity influence

Although celebrities are often blamed for encouraging others to be unhappy with their appearance, there is a growing shift away from the public being influenced by their plastic surgeries. Instead, there is a trend to turn to multiple qualified physicians for referrals and second opinions before getting a lift. Patients prefer to rely on experienced professionals for advice about improving their appearance instead of trying to copy the latest celebrity’s surgery results. In addition, many feel that celebrities are going too far in their pursuit of the ideal body and face. Instead of being admired for going under the knife, they are being ridiculed.

Cosmetic surgery continues to be a popular option among adults who want to improve or change their appearance in a permanent way. Some trends, such as women getting more surgeries than men, appear to be long-term and do not show any tendency to decrease over time. However, other trends, like teenagers getting plastic surgery, are changing and reveal that variations are possible. Whether you are interested in a lift or tummy tuck, you may want to keep these trends in mind as you explore cosmetic procedures.