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Water purification at home remains important

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The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recently announced it is creating new guidelines to decrease the amount of mercury that enters water systems. It is targeting dental offices and amalgam that contains mercury in an effort to make water safer. Although the EPA’s efforts are important for protecting water systems, people can also make an effort to make sure the water inside their homes is pure.


In addition to eliminating harmful additives, water purification and filtration systems can have a positive impact on the taste of the water in your home. Water ionization relies on electrolysis, and you can view water ionizer machines on Amazon. There are also UV light options and micro filter systems that can help.

Despite the rules and regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency and others, water contamination continues to be an issue across the country. The EPA’s fight against mercury is not the only problem. A recent report from Mercer Island reveals that E. coli was discovered in samples taken from the drinking water, and a child may have become ill from the bacteria. The entire Seattle suburb is under a boil order, and it has affected multiple aspects of people’s daily lives. Some restaurants and clubs have closed or changed menus, schools have to use bottled water and cannot cook, and everyone faces the inconvenience of having to boil water at home.

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Mercer Island is not the only location that has faced problems with water contamination. Eagle Mountain City in Utah also had a recent scare, but it was caused by someone breaking into a water storage unit. Officials became concerned that contamination could have occurred, so residents were warned not to use the water while lab tests were conducted. There are multiple cases across the country of water supply issues, and they highlight the need for each individual to take charge of his or her water at home.

It may not be possible to avoid all contamination, but using water systems at home can help eliminate some problems. It is important to remember that officials often add extra chlorine to city water after a bacterial alert or other issue, so the taste may be affected. This is why it is crucial to have systems in place at home that can help you change the taste of your water. Although efforts are being made to reduce the chances of bacteria, metals or other contaminants from reaching the water supply, you can make a difference by trying to control the water in your own home through filtration and purification systems.

Image: Jean Fortunet/Wikimedia Commons