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Warning about fibromyalgia poison ivy treatment

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The desperate search for relief from the chronic pain of fibromyalgia has led some sufferers to try a variety of treatments. However, patients need to be aware of a homeopathic poison ivy treatment that has appeared in multiple online forums. Although there are studies related to the treatment, it is important not to attempt DIY or home remedies.


Poison ivy (Rhus toxicodendron) is a toxic plant associated with an itchy rash that develops if a person touches it because it contains urushiol in the sap. Despite the risks, it has been used in some homeopathic treatments. A study published in 1989 examined the use of poison ivy for fibromyalgia patients with a placebo control group and found that some people reported relief from the remedy. They reported reduced pain, fewer tender points and better sleep. However, other studies that focused on autoimmune disorders and poison ivy did not see any improvement.

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Rhus toxicodendron is often abbreviated as Rhus tox, and a homeopathic treatment using this plant relies on very small amounts to achieve results. Although it remains controversial, some patients report feeling better after using it. Nevertheless, there are several warnings from the medical community about using poison ivy in any type of treatment plan due to its toxic nature. Consulting a doctor who specializes in homeopathy is essential, and patients should not attempt to make their own DIY versions of the remedy.

Online forums and groups are often filled with a wide range of information, but it is important to research the suggestions before trying them. Misinformation can easily spread on the Internet, and it can take years for it to be removed. Finding legitimate sources, such as journal articles, about treatments is one step toward eliminating the confusion that can spread instantaneously.

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