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Vegan mother arrested for child neglect over beliefs

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A vegan mother has been arrested after refusing to give her baby the doctor’s recommended formula because of her beliefs. The report from WKMG-TV reveals Sarah Anne Markham is accused of child neglect because she also did not take her child to a hospital. A doctor had previously diagnosed her baby as dehydrated and was concerned about the weight loss seen in the child.

Vegan beliefs stop mother from helping baby

Sarah Anne Markham is accused of allowing her vegan beliefs to prevent her from helping her baby who was dehydrated and needed care at a hospital. She has refuted the original doctor’s claims about her boy and has told police she wanted to use a vegan doctor for a second opinion. In addition, she did not want to use the formula provided by the original doctor because it did not meet her vegan standards.

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The mother has claimed to have found organic soy formula that fits her beliefs and the Seventh Day Adventist religion, but it has not been made clear if the child actually received any of this formula. Although she originally agreed to take the baby to a hospital, police felt she was delaying too much and arrested her because they felt the baby was being neglected. She was able to post bond quickly, but her boy has already been taken to a hospital, and she cannot see him.

Vegan baby formulas and child neglect

Vegan baby formulas continue to be controversial, and there have been multiple cases of child neglect connected to parents who are vegan. For example, a vegan couple in Georgia was imprisoned in 2007 for only feeding the baby soy milk and apple juice that led to his death from malnourishment. However, there are cases of success, and celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone admit to keeping their babies on vegan diets without any issues.

Image: Carin Araujo/Wikimedia Commons