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Using food to fight heart disease

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food helping heart disease

A healthy diet has always been considered an important part of preventing and fighting heart disease. However, both patients and doctors have struggled with the concept, and it continues to be a challenge for many people. Now, one doctor hopes to change this mindset by creating a medical practice that focuses on eating healthy.


Heart disease patients often hear recommendations about changing their diet and may feel bombarded with information about avoiding trans fats or adding more vegetables to their meals. However, it is not easy to stick with the healthy lifestyle amid constant temptations and busy schedules. Nevertheless, doctors recognize that diet is a crucial part of the modifications heart disease patients must make to stay alive.

One doctor hopes his practice will help ease some of the problems and help encourage people to view food as medicine. The Star-Ledger reports that Dr. Ronald Weiss has opened Ethos Health and wants to transform the way others view medicine. He also has a farm that provides fresh fruit and vegetables that will play an important role in the practice.

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Dr. Weiss believes that patients with chronic conditions such as heart disease must pay attention to their diet. He points out the importance of prevention and treatment with whole foods, but he still acknowledges the need for modern medicine to intervene in some cases. The farm he purchased has been turned into a CSA with families paying to get fresh vegetables and fruits. It provides important nutrients from items such as carrots and garlic. However, he admits it is not easy to change people’s habits and diets.

If you are considering a diet change, then you may want to consult a doctor first. Patients with heart disease must be careful to avoid certain products, such as grapefruit juice, that may interfere with their medications.

Image: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons