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Unusual benefits of drinking more water

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Experts have been recommending that people drink more water for decades. Although most people are familiar with the usual benefits listed by doctors and nutritionists, there are unique advantages to adding more water to your daily routine. Hydration is essential for life, and your body requires water to function normally.


Did you know that water can help you fight a headache or help you restore your lost focus? You are probably familiar with water benefits like preventing dehydration and helping digestion. However, the water in your glass cup can do more than provide your cells with essential hydration.

A study from researchers at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London found that headaches can be caused by water deprivation. Drinking water gave patients relief, but researchers believe dehydration may also play a role in migraines. They noted that participants were not able to concentrate and suffered from irritability.

Many consumers share that it is difficult for them to drink the required amount of water every day because they do not like the taste or they forget to stay hydrated. There are simple solutions that can help you. You may want to consider adding flavor to your water by infusing it with fruit. You may also want to try installing a water ionizer in your kitchen to make it more alkaline, and there are simple instructions for water ionizers on YouTube you can follow.

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Water can affect your brain function, and dehydrated individuals often report feeling confused and having issues with their memory. Even a simple workout can drain your body of fluids and lead to problems. A study from researchers at the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Connecticut found that even mild dehydration can affect mood. The scientists noted that the women in the study also felt that their required tasks were more difficult than originally expected. Dehydration appears to affect perception.

Many people have noticed the connection between drinking more water and healthier skin. Dietician Katie Lambert points out that the benefits are real and can lead to fewer breakouts and brighter skin by flushing out toxins. It also plays a role in calorie control because water can make you feel full. A study from researchers at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute in California found that overweight women who were on a diet lost more body weight by increasing their water consumption.

You have probably heard of drinking water after a hangover, but are you aware of the benefits of drinking water before alcohol? A study from researchers at the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University found that dehydration could be prevented. In addition, your glass of water is essential for proper kidney function.

Water may help some people find relief from joint pain. It is a crucial component of the body’s way to keep joints and cartilage healthy. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) mentions that it helps lubricate joints and affects other functions. Have you ever wondered how glucosamine is involved in battling joint pain? It helps cartilage absorb water, so your body works better.

One area that remains controversial is the idea that water can help fight colds. Although staying hydrated during an illness is essential, researchers have not found a clear link between water and the shorter duration of a cold or flu. Recipes that call for water such as salt-water for gargling or warm lemon water are in a different category, and scientists excluded them. Their focus was on discovering if drinking plain water, if you are already hydrated, can help you fight a cold. More studies are needed in this area.