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Ultimate guide to snoring remedies that work

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sleeping bad and snoring remedies

If snoring is affecting the quality of your sleep and annoying your partner, then you may want to consider the following remedies and options. There are solutions that may help you reduce or eliminate snoring.


It is estimated that more than 40 percent of all adults snore on a regular basis. Snoring is often a frequent complaint that affects marriages and relationships. It can also affect the quality of your sleep and may be an indication of several health problems. However, there are snoring remedies that work.

Why you must track your sleep

Several studies have found that many people are not aware they snore at night. They often discover the problem because a family member or partner wakes them up and tells them about their snoring. According to the Mayo Clinic, snoring can be so loud that it disrupts another person’s sleep and wakes him or her.

If you are single, or your partner is a heavy sleeper who ignores noise, then you may not be aware of the snoring. This is why it is crucial to track your sleep with an app such as Snore Report. Dr. Robert A. Lebby, who is a technical consultant for the app, recently shared why snoring can occur.

Dr. Lebby explains, “Snoring is simply a noise which occurs during sleep while breathing. It is due to narrowing of the upper airway passage, which causes choppy airflow, and this in turn causes the soft tissues of the upper airway to vibrate. Snoring can be caused by a variety of different medical conditions including nasal problems, sleep deprivation, obesity and sleep disorders including sleep apnea.”

How tracking snoring can help find remedies

You cannot fix a problem if you are not aware of how serious it is, and it is harder to find snoring remedies that work without being aware of the full scope of the issue. To find the best stop snoring products and treatments, you have to track your snoring.

Dr. Lebby points out, “Snore Report provides users with a biometric sleep assessment, in a painless, convenient and free process using your iPhone. Simply download Snore Report from the Apple app store. If you have an Apple Watch, or Fitbit, both integrate with Snore Report through Bluetooth, providing a more in depth analysis. After recording your snoring for a full night, you get your biometric sleep score. If it is elevated, I recommend you see a Board Certified Sleep MD. Do not ignore a high score; it could be a sign of a serious sleep disorder.”

Snoring remedies that work

The first step to finding snoring remedies that work is to try noninvasive treatments. If you are interested in how to stop snoring naturally tonight, then you can begin by making lifestyle changes. There are also mouthpieces and machines that may help.

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Lifestyle changes to stop snoring

There is a link between obesity and snoring, so you should not ignore it. If you are overweight, then the risk of snoring is higher. However, losing weight may help you stop or reduce snoring. In addition, snoring can affect the quality of your sleep, and the lack of restorative sleep influences your metabolism and hormone levels.

Mouthpieces to stop snoring

Mouthpieces or oral appliances may help you stop snoring. They are designed to keep the air passages open while you sleep. It is important that you find mouthpieces that fit well and are comfortable to wear.

Dr. Lebby shares, “One of the best noninvasive treatments in my opinion are mandibular (jaw) repositioning devices, one example being SnoreRX. These type of devices cover your upper and lower teeth, like a football mouth guard, and reposition the jaw. This has the effect of maintaining an open airway. The devices are more comfortable since the take a custom impression and allow for adjustment.”

CPAP machines to stop snoring

CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure machines require you to wear a mask while you sleep. They are designed to force air through your airways, so you stop snoring. In most cases, CPAP machines are used as a treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. Research studies have focused on the benefits of CPAP.

Surgery and implants to stop snoring

In severe cases, surgery and implants may be necessary to stop snoring. Although these invasive treatments are considered to be part of the snoring remedies that work, you have to consider them carefully. Palatal implants have to be injected into the soft palate. Laser surgery and traditional surgery can remove extra tissues in the throat to make the airway larger.

Find snoring remedies that work for you

If you are searching for snoring remedies that work, then you may have to experiment with several treatments to find the one that is right for you. The process begins by tracking your sleep and snoring. Then, you may have to consult your doctor to find the best remedies.