UAB investigating link between fibromyalgia and brain inflammation

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is investigating the connection between fibromyalgia and brain inflammation to fight chronic pain. Professor Jarred Younger believes that chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and other pain symptoms may be related to brain function. The researcher is working on new treatments that would help change the brain back to normal.

Professor Jarred Younger at the University of Alabama at Birmingham believes brain inflammation is affecting chronic pain symptoms in fibromyalgia patients. He acknowledges that current treatments are not effective in many cases, and there is a need for more research. He plans to investigate new fibromyalgia treatments that can be safely administered to patients without carrying a long list of side effects.

The Neuroinflammation, Pain and Fatigue Laboratory at UAB will be involved in several studies, and Younger has shared details about the first one. Researchers will be exploring chemicals in the blood to see if they are affecting the immune system and making pain worse. At this time, they have found that leptin, a hormone that comes from fat cells, may be influencing pain levels and fatigue levels. Their goal is to create a test and treatment plan that will actually reduce pain.

Professor Jarred Younger’s laboratory is looking for volunteers who have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and several other conditions. If you are in the area and interested in participating in potential studies, then you may want to explore the official website and contact the researchers about your interest. You should be aware that, similar to other clinical trials, you may be asked to record your reactions, take medications, provide blood samples and attend appointments on a frequent basis. Before joining any research study, you may also want to consult your doctor.

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I have had fibro approximately 9 years. I realize what a painful condition it is and would love to be part of any research study going on. I would love to be part of finding a cure or at least medication that works. My fibro is progressively getting worse, more painful each day and different symptoms every day. Thank you for your consideration. Nancy Masser
I've had fibro since early 2000 and have tried a variety of treatments and cocktail medications. I live an hour away from UAB and would like to take part in the study! Thanks!
I have fibromyalgia and damage from inflammation of my brain. My doc even told me to start baby asprin to ensure blood flow of the brain, I'd heard about that for your heart but not your brain. But I live in Oklahoma. I do need help, you know if that's available in tulsa I'd be grateful for the information.

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