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Tragic ending for fibromyalgia patient seeking help

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The family of Patricia Little received tragic news with the discovery of her body in a field. The 71-year-old suffered from fibromyalgia and had a broken arm, but she was determined to get help for her husband. Sadly, Little never made it to the home of the neighbors who could have helped the couple.


Stewart and Patricia Little were preparing for a winter storm by buying groceries in another town before their trailer was buried in snow. However, after returning home, Stewart collapsed on the ramp, and Patricia could not help her husband. The 71-year-old woman discovered they had no electricity, no working phones and no one at home to assist them, so she made the desperate decision to walk in the snow to the neighbors.

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Patricia Little suffered from fibromyalgia for several years, and family members believe her health was declining. She had chronic pain in addition to back pain that required strong medication. Despite her health issues, Patricia was determined to save her husband by walking half a mile to the neighbors’ home. Although Stewart protested, Patricia ignored him and felt it was too risky to wait for someone to find them. She was a former nurse, but her training was not enough to prevent a tragedy.

The family discovered Stewart’s body in the trailer two days after Patricia started to walk to her neighbor. Dale Newland, a cousin who was called to check on them, found Stewart and called for help. Stewart was taken to a hospital and is expected to make a recovery. Police searched for Patricia and found her body in a field. They believe she froze to death after collapsing on her way to the home of the neighbor. It is possible the combination of stress and her medication caused the collapse, and her fibromyalgia played a role.

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