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Top tricks to organize your kitchen for weight loss

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The way you organize your kitchen can have a large impact on your diet and ability to lose weight. From the containers you use to store snacks to the arrangement of your food on the shelves, your health depends on the right planning strategy. The following tricks and tips will help you transform your kitchen.


Focus on convenient containers

You already know that you have to get rid of the junk food and replace it with healthy options. However, did you know that the type of containers you use in the kitchen can have an impact on your snacking routine? First, you want to pick containers for your healthy snacks that are easy to open and close. If you have to struggle with a tough lid to get to your kale chips, you are less likely to eat them.

Second, you want to make it more difficult to get to the sugary, salty and unhealthy snacks. Although in an ideal kitchen you would get rid of these options completely, you may still keep them around as an occasional treat. Containers such as the kSafe have a built-in timer in the lid that prevents you from eating all the candy in one evening. Another option is to focus on smaller containers because researchers have found that container size influences the portions you eat. You tend to eat more candy from a larger box instead of a smaller one despite the amount of food being the same in both.

Label everything

The key to an organized kitchen is to label everything with clear names. You can find a variety of labels to help you keep track of your food supplies and make it easier to find the right items as you cook. Labels can help prevent annoying investigations about the mysterious contents of an old spice jar or storage container.

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In addition, you can use the labels for more than just content descriptions. You can also write down expiration dates or the names of the stores that sold you the products. Both of these additional label items can help you keep your kitchen organized and make shopping easier. Furthermore, labeling everything in your kitchen will show you what you need to stock up on to lose weight.

Rearrange your cabinets and shelves

The location of healthy food in your kitchen has a direct impact on your weight. According to NPR, grocery stores that place healthy food at eye level can encourage shoppers to make better selections, and the same concept can be used in your kitchen. You want the healthiest and most nutritious options to be at eye level and easy to reach. You may need to install cabinet organizers to make this process easier.

Final thoughts

A few simple tips can help change your kitchen and make losing weight an easier process. These tricks are easy to follow, and you may be able to set them up in one day. The important factor is to make your kitchen a healthy food haven instead of a junk food sanctuary.

Image from Pixabay.com and used with permission.