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‘Top Chef’ contestant reveals gluten-free ideas: Celiac disease news

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One aspect that is often missing from food competitions on television is the requirement to make meals for people on restricted diets. Celiac disease and gluten sensitivities are often ignored by these shows. However, a contestant on “Top Chef” may change this with his commitment to cooking dairy-free and gluten-free dishes.


The new season of “Top Chef” focuses on Boston, and 12 eager contestants are ready to walk away with the prizes. One of them hopes his healthy dishes will be enough to destroy the competition. Gregory Gourdet shares that he does not plan to change his style while cooking on the television show.

Gregory Gourdet’s experience includes being a chef at Departure, and he will continue to focus on healthy meal options while on “Top Chef.” He admits he likes to experiment with spices and will be cooking mostly gluten-free and dairy-free dishes. This will be a refreshing change for Bravo since many cooking competitions have ignored these diet restrictions in the past. Gourdet follows a gluten-free diet, so it will be interesting to see how he incorporates his background into the contests.

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Bravo has not completely forgotten celiac disease and gluten sensitivities over the years, and they get an occasional mention. During the first season of “Top Chef Masters,” Michael Chiarello created the quinoa pasta with salsa verde, pine nut gremolata and oven dried tomatoes. The challenge was to cook for Zooey Deschanel who is on a strict vegan diet that also eliminates all gluten and soy. Chiarello spiced up his quinoa pasta with capers and garlic in addition to making a salsa and gremolata. His creation pleased the judges on the show and fit Deschanel’s dietary guidelines. Chiarello and Gourdet are not the only ones who have made delicious meals without gluten, and this season should give viewers more ideas to try in their own kitchen.

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