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Top 3 gluten-free chapsticks for people with celiac disease

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If you are searching for gluten-free chapsticks that are safe for celiac disease, then you may want to try the three following brands.


Whether you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, you need to make sure that your makeup is gluten-free and safe. Gluten is a protein that is in many products including chapsticks. It is vital that you avoid lip products with gluten because it can easily enter your body. The Mayo Clinic points out that it is easy to ingest a lipstick, lip gloss or chapstick.

Best gluten-free chapsticks for people with celiac disease

Several brands make GF (gluten-free) chapsticks you can use if you have celiac disease or gluten intolerance. GF makeup is safe and can still look beautiful while hydrating your lips.

1. EOS

All EOS lip balms are free from gluten. These gluten-free chapsticks for people with celiac disease come in a variety of flavors. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth, so the products are moisturizing and hydrating for the lips. The flavors include pomegranate raspberry, passion fruit, blueberry acai and coconut milk.

2. Softlips

All Softlips products are gluten-free and free from yeast. This brand’s GF lip moisturizers also have UVA and UVB sun protection with an SPF 20. The flavors include coconut cream, cool cherry, French vanilla, honeydew melon, ravishing raspberry, strawberry sherbet and watermelon.

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3. Sun Bum

Sun Bum has gluten-free chapsticks for people with celiac disease that are also vegan. In addition, they have SPF 30, aloe vera and cocoa butter to moisturize your lips. The flavors include coconut, pomegranate and banana.

Gluten concerns about Chapstick, Burt’s Bees and Nivea

If you are wondering if the Chapstick brand is safe for celiac disease, the answer is that you may not want to risk using it. According to the official Chapstick website, their lip products are free from oats, rye and barley. However, the company does not mention wheat, which is a top source of gluten, on the list. Customer service representatives explain that they cannot guarantee that Chapstick is gluten-free.

Burt’s Bees also cannot guarantee that its chapsticks are gluten-free, and the brand mentions that contamination is possible during manufacturing or processing. Customer service representatives share that they do not certify that their lip products are free from gluten.

Nivea is another popular brand for chapsticks, but they do not put gluten-free statements on their lip products. Customer service representatives mention that you have to read each ingredient list and determine if gluten is in it. In addition, they cannot guarantee that cross-contamination has not occurred.

Where to find gluten-free chapsticks for people with celiac disease

You can find most of these brands in drugstores and other large retailers. You can also shop for them online or go directly to the brand’s website.