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Top 10 video platforms for building a membership website

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Whether you are searching for health videos about a specific condition or interested in sharing your own experience with the world, online video platforms can make the process easier. You can find and build a membership website that will spread your health, fitness or other message around the world. You can buy or sell your own videos online or build a subscription site.


The top 10 video platforms online can help you reach and find a global audience. If you are an expert in a health, fitness or other topic, then you can share your knowledge with the world. In addition, if you are interested in finding experts who have a unique message, then you may want to check out these platforms. You will discover a variety of content that can help you improve the quality of your life. From learning the latest yoga position to hearing more about research on neurons, the videos will educate and enlighten you.

1. Uscreen

Uscreen allows you to upload videos and create your own subscription website. You can find educational materials, workout programs, training, courses and videos on demand. This platform has secure and private features to safeguard the content and provide users with a rich experience. You can download videos and materials to any device including mobile phones. You can take tests and earn certificates after completing a program. In addition, content can be downloaded and viewed online or offline, so you are never far from learning something new.

2. GumRoad

GumRoad offers you a way to sell your work directly to an audience by creating content and videos online. It targets experts, musicians, writers, filmmakers and others who have stories to share with the world. It is possible to offer content that ranges from healthy recipe tutorials to apps for new ideas. You can create a website using this platform and offer your services or goods. GumRoad has a rental option, so users can rent content or videos for a limited time.

3. Pivotshare

Pivotshare is an open subscription video network that lets you collaborate with others on content and videos. You can create subscription video channels or simply browse the content that is already available. This platform lets you make a personal channel, so you can invite friends, coworkers or others to help you build it. The revenue is split among all of the contributors, and you can upload or change the videos.

4. SkyPrep

SkyPrep is a Learning Management System (LMS) that lets you create training and other materials online. You can get certificates after finishing a program and attend webinars. The focus is on experts offering useful materials such as health information or technology advice. This learning platform is easy to use and manage because it limits the features.

5. VHX

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VHX lets you create your own video streaming service online to sell films, shows, web series and other programs. You can find videos from chefs who focus on allergen-free cooking or trainers who are eager to share their martial arts secrets. The content is available on multiple devices including Roku and Airplay. You can buy or rent content, so users get to decide if they want to download it.

6. Fedora/Teachable

Fedora is now known as Teachable and lets you create and sell content online. You can build a set of courses and offer it to an audience. The focus is on teaching the public something different or new. This platform lets you import content and videos to create a course. Then, you can customize it to fit your audience and needs.

7. Kajabi

Kajabi is a platform that allows you to sell content online and create membership websites. The platform is easy to use and does not require coding. It allows users to focus solely on the content while it handles the other aspects. You can create a variety of videos that will educate your audience about topics such as medical emergencies or supplement information.

8. SubHub

SubHub has the ability to help you build your own subscription website. From individuals to large companies, this platform makes it easy to create content and share it. You have the ability to upload videos, text, images, audio and other types of media. You also have the option of customizing your own website to sell subscriptions.

9. Membee

Membee offers membership management software that makes it easy to track content and events. You can create and track a variety of items without worrying about coding. In addition, you can give access to your members, so they can track content or other items with ease. The platform lets you build a team of collaborators to make it simple to work together online.

10. PaidMembershipsPro

PaidMembershipsPro helps you set up a member-only website that can offer specific content and videos. You can control the content and make it available to users. You can integrate with multiple plugins and use different themes. For example, if you are a fitness expert who wants to help others lose weight, then you can make your own membership website and focus on a small group of people to achieve results.

There are many video platforms that let you build subscription sites and customize them. The key is to find a website that fits your needs and goals while allowing you to shine as an expert. You want to be able to control the content without complications or issues.