Sunscreen labeled as toxic by school district

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Sunscreen has been labeled as a toxic product by a school district in Texas, and one parent is fighting back. Christy Riggs watched her child come home with a serious sunburn after the school would not allow her to reapply sunscreen on a field day, so she has made the decision to speak on camera about the problems she sees with the policies.

School district bans sunscreen

The North East Independent School District in Texas does not allow students to bring and use sunscreen without prior permission because the item is considered toxic. Parents who want to allow their children to use sunscreen must file a doctor’s note at the school or come to the building and apply the product for the children.


The school district recommends that parents make sure that their children apply sunscreen before school, but experts argue this is not enough because the impact wears off during the day. According to some concerned parents, students should be allowed to reapply it without issues, but the ban makes it impossible.

Doctors’ notes required to bring sunscreen

Sunscreen may seem to be an innocuous substance, but the school district worries children will eat the product or have reactions to it. It prefers not to take the risk of letting a student have the item without a doctor’s note. However, parents find the need for a note from medical professionals a ridiculous impediment to simply keeping their kids from getting sunburns.

Sunscreen is widely available at most major retailers with no prescriptions, and there are specific brands designed to be safe for children. Christy Riggs hopes the school district will change its mind because she is concerned about skin cancer, and she recently lost a family member to the disease. Previous studies have shown a connection between frequent sunburns and a greater risk of skin cancers. See what Christy Riggs had to say here.

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