Skipping breakfast myths revealed by researchers

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Breakfast has been presented as an essential meal by nutritionists for many years, but new research points to several myths associated with the idea. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition questions if skipping breakfast actually has an impact on weight loss. Although the researchers are careful not to dissuade people from eating a healthy meal every morning, they caution worried dieters that skipping the first meal of the day may not lead to devastating consequences.

Traditional thoughts on skipping breakfast

Traditionally, nutritionists have recommended that everyone eat a healthy breakfast in the morning because it would help control blood sugar and potentially help people lose weight. In addition, experts have argued that not eating this meal would cause cravings and force people to make bad food choices later in the day. However, some studies have shown that there is no impact on weight loss from breakfast, and there is confusion related to the topic along with many myths.


New information on skipping breakfast

A new study challenges the old ideas about breakfast having an impact on weight loss and finds that a link does not appear to exist. Researchers discovered that eating or skipping breakfast did not lead to any significant weight loss in either case. Nevertheless, scientists do not want people to use this study as an excuse to skip their first meal of the day because breakfast is still an important meal.

Researchers are being careful not to discourage people from eating breakfast every morning, and they still recommend that people eat a healthy meal to start their day. However, dieters hoping to see dramatic weight loss results from their sudden decision to incorporate breakfast into their day will be disappointed. Breakfast has value, but it may not help everyone shed the extra pounds they hope will disappear.

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