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Simple ways to use St. John’s wort to heal fibromyalgia

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St John's wort

During the search for fibromyalgia remedies, you will find that St. John’s wort is a popular herbal treatment. Research supports the use of St. John’s wort because of its medicinal properties. Consider the following ways to use St. John’s wort at home.


St. John’s wort is a plant that is frequently used in herbal medicine. Its bright yellow flowers are easy to recognize. If you are struggling with fibromyalgia, then you may want to consider herbal treatments. The following tips will help you use St. John’s wort.

Why St. John’s wort helps fibromyalgia

Research on St. John’s wort reveals that it may help reduce anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Other studies show that it can affect stress. This herb is a popular remedy and appears in a variety of treatments. Fibromyalgia patients often experience stress and anxiety, so it may provide relief.

Although St. John’s wort is a common plant, it does have side effects. It can interact with medications and supplements, so you must consult a doctor before using it. St. John’s wort can interact with antidepressants, birth control pills, cyclosporine, digoxin and warfarin. It may also affect some cancer drugs and HIV drugs. Make sure to discuss all of your medications with a doctor before trying St. John’s wort.

How to use St. John’s wort to help fibromyalgia

St. John’s wort is available in several forms that range from teas to tablets. There are even essential oils that include this plant. If you decide to use it, you may want to focus on finding fresh herbs and making your own concoctions. Although this may take more time, it gives you more control over what you take. Consider the following ways to use St. John’s wort for fibromyalgia.

St. John’s wort tea for fibromyalgia

You can buy prepared and packaged teas that contain St. John’s wort. Another option is to make your own from fresh or dried flowers.

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3 teaspoons of fresh or dry flowers from St. John’s wort
2 cups of hot water
1 teaspoons of sugar or honey (can be omitted)
squeeze of lemon
pinch a cinnamon or ginger


1. Boil water.
2. Pour boiled water into a glass or container that has fresh or dry flowers from St. John’s wort.
3. Allow it to steep for 5 to 10 minutes.
4. Strain the flowers and keep the liquid.
5. Add honey or sugar, cinnamon or ginger and lemon.
6. Drink the tea.

St. John’s wort salve for fibromyalgia

If you prefer not to ingest St. John’s wort, then consider using it as an external salve. It may help heal scrapes, cuts, bruises or burns. It may also provide relief from pain and inflammation.


8 ounces of St. John’s wort oil
1 ounce of beeswax
5 drops of vitamin E oil
3 drops of another essential oil (lavender, chamomile or a different type)


1. Add the St. John’s wort oil and beeswax to a small pot or pan and heat gently.
2. Allow the ingredients to melt and mix.
3. Remove from heat.
4. Add vitamin E.
5. Add another essential oil.
6. Mix ingredients.
7. Pour the mixture into another container to cool. Glass jars are a good option.
8. Use the salve once it completely cools and hardens.