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Side dishes for Easter that are gluten-free and easy to make

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Easter Table Gluten-Free Setting

If you are struggling to come up with gluten-free side dishes for Easter, then consider the following recommendations. They are safe for celiac disease and are easy to make.


When you are cooking for Easter, you do not want dietary restrictions to ruin the meal and limit the choices for guests. However, you may still need to cook gluten-free (GF) food for those who have celiac disease or gluten intolerance. The following side dishes will please all of your guests, and they probably will notice the food is gluten-free.

Potato side dishes for Easter

Although the diet for celiac disease can be restrictive, potatoes are gluten-free as long as you prepare them without adding any gluten ingredients. Potato salads are popular options for Easter, but you can find other creative ways to present potatoes. The key is to avoid cross-contamination with gluten-containing items, so the final dishes are safe for celiac disease.

Consider making the following potato side dishes for Easter:

Healthy sweet potato casserole with a touch of vanilla or sweet potato casserole with nuts
• Mashed potatoes or potato salad with herbs
Roasted purple potatoes or purple potato salad
• Baked potatoes loaded with gluten-free toppings
• Fancy barbecue fries with dips

Mixed vegetable side dishes for Easter

A mix of vegetables is a good choice for gluten-free side dishes for Easter. You can roast, sauté or bake a variety of veggies that will please your guests while making sure that those on the GF diet can still enjoy the food.

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Consider making the following mixed vegetable side dishes for Easter:

• Roasted butternut squash with other vegetables and herbs
• Roasted asparagus with olive oil and sea salt
• Green beans with spices and garlic
• Honey carrots with lemon and thyme
• Grilled eggplants with tomato sauce
• Sautéed Brussels sprouts with onions
• Roasted cauliflower with Parmesan and black pepper

Egg side dishes for Easter

Eggs are always a popular part of Easter menus, and you can prepare them in a gluten-free way. Eggs are naturally GF, but some recipes can add gluten ingredients. You may have to modify some of your favorite recipes. It is also important to check the labels on all spices and herbs to make sure they are GF.

Consider making the following egg side dishes for Easter:

• Classic deviled eggs
• Egg salad with bacon
• Egg frittatas with onions
• Pickled eggs
• Egg and ham casserole
• Egg, tomato and avocado salad
• Egg and tomato quiche

Side dishes for Easter can be gluten-free

You do not have to alter your Easter meal significantly to make it gluten-free and safe for celiac disease. As long as you avoid wheat, barley, rye and other gluten ingredients, then you can still make a delicious feast that is GF. The key is to focus on natural ingredients that will please your guests because of their flavor and taste.