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Schumer wants poisonous e-cigarettes kept away from children

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Sen. Charles Schumer wants to make it more difficult for children to access e-cigarettes, and he has shared disturbing information about the rise in poisonings associated with the liquids found in the products. A recent report from the American Association of Poison Control Centers reveals that the number of cases has increased by 219 percent. Furthermore, more than 50 percent of the cases involve small children.

E-cigarette liquids tempt children with flavors

Sen. Schumer points out e-cigarette liquids often come in tempting flavors such as chocolate and bubblegum, so children are curious to try them. However, the risk of poisoning is high, and poison control centers are reporting a large increase in the number of cases involving children and e-cigarettes. After consuming the liquids, they can have symptoms that range from nausea to seizures, but death is also a possibility.

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Sen. Charles Schumer’s e-cigarette proposal

The senator wants the Food and Drug Administration to add labels and child-proof caps to e-cigarette products, so it would be more difficult for children to get them. If they are approved, the caps would be placed on the e-cigarette liquid refill containers. The warnings may be placed on the same containers or any other part of the e-cigarette.

The response to Sen. Charles Schumer’s proposal has been mixed, and the Food and Drug Administration has not reached a final decision. Supporters of the idea state it would help prevent poisonings and reduce the number of calls to poison control centers. Critics of the idea state some children will still be able to access e-cigarettes, so warnings and child-proof caps may only annoy adults without changing statistics. Meanwhile, medical professionals warn parents not to leave their e-cigarettes or refill liquids in areas that children can reach because the flavors may entice them to try the products.

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Most e-liquid companies already label their containers. Parents should be responsible and place their Vapor Liquid in a Safe place, just like their alcohol. Alcohol doesn't have child proofing, and yet the government isn't out there making ridiculous mandates on childproof beer cans or wine boxes.